When you own a home/house, its value is likely to increase especially in a scarcity market-more buyers than sellers.

The talk of the day would be to refinance and use up that equity or refinance to get a lower mortgage payment.

Both can be good, but……………………………………

Get second opinions from experts not wannabes.

What if you did not own that property? Would you have gotten the money from somewhere else? Or do without? Is the reason for this desire life threatening? Or its just to acquire luxury? Is it usage a money making investment? Is it for college tuition? Does it make sense to spend money to reduce the interest rate? How long would it take to recoup the cost of the refinance? Is there a significant difference from the old payment to the new? Whew!!!

Plethora of areas to consider but don’t be hasty in deciding.

If you need a second opinion of the few you should get, call one of PALS Realty, LLC agents and we will direct you to the person to offer input.

Remember the debacle we had a not to long few years ago.

In the meantime if you know of anyone considering selling or renting their real estate properties or planning to purchase or rent real estate properties please call us 954 777 4877 or choose one of our agent from our profile.