An home inspection is a key step in the journey to closing on a home.
Stay within the inspection period deadline or request an extension asap.

The inspection include:

Roof including fascia and soffits

Termite infestation, termite and wood damages

All accessible plumbing including bath tubs, showers, sinks and faucets

Electrical, including the main panel inside and outside, plugs and switches

Air Conditioner


Doors, windows and floors.

Note that the electrical inspection will address whether the electrical wiring is aluminum or copper. Insurance companies prefer copper wiring and frown on aluminum wiring. Only a few insurance companies will insure aluminum wiring and therefore a higher premium. If this is the case and you really love the home, prepare on replacing the wiring as soon as you close so you can benefit from the lower premium. One way to prepare is to obtain an estimate from a licensed electrician immediately after the inspection.

Some items needing repairs can stop a closing from occurring. Your judgement is critical. Get a second opinion if possible and stay within the contract inspection deadline. and if needed ask for an extension of the period.

If you have any questions, suggestions or insights about home inspections, call an expert like Peter Ebanks of General Building Inspections at 954 316 0790.

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